Paddles Up Poké

Paddles Up Poké is Idaho’s first and only specialty poké restaurant and the official poké shop of the Boise State Broncos. Paddles Up was founded in August 2016 by Dan Landucci and Jordan Tapangco in downtown Boise. Now with three locations, Paddles Up provides Idahoans with a quick meal to support their active lifestyles. If you’re looking to fuel up before your next meeting, adventure, or just looking for a quick healthy meal option, Paddles Up has got you covered!

Paddles Up Quality

At Paddles Up we pride ourselves on product quality and freshness. We know that every day matters when it comes to consuming raw fish.

Our fish is delivered every day to ensure the freshest product offered in the state. Dan, Jordan, and our head chef Zach, hand select all of our fish and produce to ensure they meet the highest quality standards that is required at Paddles Up. We keep all of our products under 38 degrees and check that the temperature is maintained on each item every two hours.

Our sauces are all made with the finest Aloha Shoyu, that we import from Hawaii for an authentic sweet fermented soy sauce taste. Our entire menu is built to accommodate  any type of dietary needs. Just ask, and one of our amazing team member will assist you from start to finish. It's the Paddles Up way!

Community Support and Discounts

At Paddles Up, we offer discounts to a variety of different fields and service members that we feel better the community. We appreciate what you do for the state of Idaho and want to thank you for that. We are also always looking for ways to help support our community. Please reach out to us at for our support!

We love Idaho!

Paddles Up offers a 10% discount to the following:

Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, 

Teachers, Nurses

*Must show ID or proof of occupation*



Poké (pronounced POH-KAY) means “to section, slice, or to cut.” This Hawaiian classic is a very casual meal, that families in Hawaii have been packing on the go for years.

Poké has now evolved into trendy rice bowls that are customized per order. This tasty lunch is simple: chunks of raw fish marinated in our special house Piranha Sauce, packed with all the tasty toppings that you can find on your classic sushi rolls, and served on top of a bed of brown rice, white rice, zoodles, or fresh mixed greens.



Paddles Up was founded in August, 2016 by Dan Landucci. When you heard the name you may have said, “Why Paddles Up?” Well, to answer your question, when you’re rafting, putting your paddles up signifies to get into attack mode when approaching rapids. The term stuck and putting your paddles up has become a life motto for the Landucci family.

In August, Dan decided to put his paddles up and attack his life long dream of owning a restaurant. Dan partnered up with his long time friend, Jordan Tapangco, and together they have built a spot where Idahoans can go to refuel for their next adventure in life. 

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