What Our Customers Are Saying About Paddles Up

As we approach our six-month anniversary on November 1st, we wanted to give a shout out to our loyal customer base that we have built in such a short time. Boise has been so awesome for us and we couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of this amazing community.

We have received over 250 total reviews between Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Out of those reviews over 95% of them have been 5-star reviews. What a great accomplishment in a city filled with such amazing food options. 

We have decided that we will be posting five reviews every month and gives thanks for the love shown from our customers. 

Thank you!

“This place is awesome! Any place that offers poké burritos as well as the traditional bowl option is okay by me. The fish was as fresh as can be and the produce/other toppings were very high quality. Not to mention a great location! Can't wait to come back and try more of the menu most definitely.” – Joey S. 

 “I moved to back to Idaho from Hawaii. I had plenty of fresh Poke in Hawaii! Fish is just as fresh! Their bogus basin creation is amazing! Everything was fresh fresh fresh!!!! Service was speedy! Staff was friendly and helped explain the menu!” – Clint W.

“Yum!!! This place is the real deal serving fresh fish which reminds me of being back in San Diego. Yes, the prices are higher than fast food, but remember this is fresh high-quality fish. You would pay much more for a couple sushi rolls. The sauces are great! I created my own bowl with the traditional poke, white rice, house piranha sauce, and all the toppings available. It was mouth watering good. Excited that Boise has a poke place now and it meets and exceeds my expectations of goodness. One suggestion I have would be to keep the pickled ginger on the side. The taste is quite overwhelming if you get a big chuck of it in one bite ;).  Can't wait to come back! Good Job!!” – Alison L. 

“Straight up awesome. Fish and vegetables were fresh and the beer was cold. The staff was welcoming and helpful. My wife, who is gluten free, was very happy which made me happy. I walked out full after a large bowl and can't wait to go back.” – Kevin W.

“Paddles Up is a must when you go to Boise! I was traveling through town and come across them and I'm so happy I did. The whole menu looks delicious but I got the Bogus Basin bowl  and it was so delicious. In fact, it was so good, I came back the next day and got the same thing! Highly recommend Paddles Up to anyone living in or traveling through Boise!” – Katie D.

Written by Dan Landucci on October 18, 2017